Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PAC XIV First in a series of "Trump as a 'Putin's Puppet".

Political Puppetry by Thomas M. Kelly, © 2016
Wobble Heads on stage: 
Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders, Liberals both.  
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, 
Conservatives both.

WHAMor:  (v.o.)   Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the KWOS, Kelly’s Word on the Street Digital Radio and his Super POLITICAL ACTION COMEDY...  presents (with great gusto)  “Politics of the Day Forum”.   Yes, this is where the news is sometimes comical but most of the time... well, it's not.  Tonight is no exception.  Our guests tonight are leading Democrats, Chuck Schumer   (ovation)   and Bernie Sanders   (ovation), and Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell: Whom the Democrats like to call the real "whack jobs or whackos of the Republican Party". (ovation)
To tell you the truth, I don't see the difference between the right and the left anymore.   They have both become unhinged and are apparently trading insane tit-for-tat conspiracy theories.   In my humble opinion, both parties need to stop, take deep breaths, and start thinking clearly here.

Topic #One:   Political Puppetry.   The mainstream media think the CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, is a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin and that Trump, himself, is a puppet of Putin.

Bernie Sanders:   We all know that if this was Obama, that the Alt-right would be ready to call out the militias and that Obama should be looked at before any electoral college votes were cast.   And there would be a great number of people on the Left saying that the hacking, and misinformation, from Russia, was wrong.   Both are happy to bend over and capitulate.

Paul Ryan:   President Trump ... I mean President-elect Trump is ready to accept Russia hacking report if FBI and CIA can agree, but he still doesn't think their meddling swayed the election.
Mitch McConnell:   Reince Priebus appeared on Fox news on Sunday when he made those remarks, he said the FBI and CIA should create a joint report to remove ambig.... .   

Chuck Schumer:   I’d like to interrupt the Senator from Kentucky and to have his remarks stricken.   Everyone has their right to an opinion, sir, but your past opinions call into question your current opinion.   During his candidacy and after President Obama was elected you stated and I quote, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama be a one-term president.”   You stonewalled his every attempt further the rights of the minorities; black, brown, red, LGBT, women’s rights, gun control, education,... .   

Mitch McConnell:  As Senate Majority Leader I am ...

Bernie Sanders:   Come now, you are standing in the way of investigating the interference in our election by Russia.   You shared your thoughts in a quiet interview that hid a very significant announcement.   You made it clear that you are not on our side and you have no intention of finding out just how a foreign power interfered in our election on behalf of the Republican Party.

Mitch McConnell:  We have a Senate Intelligence Committee and a House Intelligence Committee, run by knowledgeable, responsible people.   (dismissively)   There’s no question that the Russians were messing around in our election.   It is a matter of genuine concern and it needs to be investigated.   In the Senate, we’re gonna investigate that in what we call regular order, the Senate Intelligence Committee is fully capable of handling this.

Chuck Schumer:   Mitch, you have no legs to stand on here.   There is no way you can defend your decision to block the creation of a bipartisan special committee to find out the truth of what happened during the national election.   The Senate and the House have no intention of devoting any attention to this issue either, except lip service.   As long as Republicans come out on top, the ends always justify the means, even if it’s at the expense of the American people.

Bernie Sanders:   You can see the game Trump is playing: continue to divide and to conquer.    Everyone on the hill knows that Mr. Obama has officially ordered an investigation.   The only one person who seriously has dug himself into a big hole now, with no way out is Trump, who now comes up with his usual pile of nonsense.   He is not privy to any of the intelligence briefings.  The ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Democrat Senator Adam Schiff said yesterday that Trump is surely damaging America.

Chuck Schumer:   The media at large bears a huge responsibility in this silent coup.  We can't blame capitulation to the Russians on the GOP alone.   Their constant fawning over Trump and giving him all the free airtime he (and Putin) required, proves that they were willing co-conspirators.   Of course, there isn't one person in any position of authority in the Congress that wants to lose their job, so the coup is perfected by the acquiescence of Congress.   

Bernie Sanders:   The Department of Justice won't even lift a finger, and since they are supposed to prosecute for treasonous acts then the people have no defense.   Like the big banks, America was not too big to fail, after all, it just took some passiveness from our own government.

Chuck Schumer:   Now, that we have enough suspicion to conclude that Trump was probably in collusion with Putin to interfere in our elections, why isn't Trump being subpoena'd to show his tax returns?   Maybe we would see how indebted Trump is to Putin, and that would be more evidence that he is Putin's puppet (including being in cahoots with Putin about this election)!

WHAMor:  (v.o.)   During the campaigning we all remember when Donald Trump proclaimed that maybe there was no hacking by Russia, against the consensus of the American intelligence community and that worried Senator Adam Schiff, who stated, “If he was willing to disregard the intelligence community and contradict it to his benefit during the campaign, will he do so as president?   Time alone will tell, but there are, I think, Schiff continued, grave concerns about that and note Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reiterated that the Intelligence Community believes that Russia meddled in the recent American election.   “There is substantial concern about whether he respects the process and the personnel of the Intelligence Community, especially when they tell him things that he doesn’t want to hear,” the lawmaker said.   “As Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said, there is truly no question that Russia meddled.”   It is strange that Trump doesn't seem to want to concern himself with his country’s national security and listen to briefings.

Bernie Sanders:   Why don't we subpoena his returns? Because Trump said he wouldn't provide them, and nobody cared.   The media stopped asking for them and the people voted for him.

Paul Ryan:   I seriously doubt Putin interfered with our elections to get even with Hillary but instead he wanted to weaken the US and NATO.   We aren't the King or Queen on this chess board, just a pawn.   Russia's real goal is in competing with China, a country with few "natural enemies." To do this effectively Russia has to unshackle itself from the policing powers of NATO.   
Bernie Sanders:   Putin found the perfect puppet in Trump, a man so shallow he could drown in an inch of water.   With Trump the price for compliance is a simple compliment.   And lacking any real intellectual capacity, curiosity, or integrity Trump will simply parrot what the last person to whisper in his ear says, as long as you also tell him how wonderful he is.   So we will lose our super power status, maybe it's a good thing.   But what is without question is we will lose it because of one massively insecure man who knows little about anything and refuses to learn  anything about himself.

The FBI had no problem 'playing politics' a week before the election when Comey dangled more emails out there then retracted the charges.   This is no evidence.   Nothing.